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At VGT people hold strong attitudes towards their job. Job satisfaction is given a lot of importance. The bosses are competent, have the employees’ best interest at heart and treat the employees with respect. There is a two way communication between Management and employees and because of this there is a high level of motivation amongst the employees. We have a good working environment based on trust and co-operation between Management and staff. People’s skills and potentials are spotted and utilized in the best possible manner and this proved beneficial both for the organization and the employee.  
Groups are widely used for solving problems, creating new ideas, in making decisions and in coordinating tasks. Interaction between staff is maintained at a high level with the result of smoother and more effective communication, making work a more pleasurable experience. New employees find themselves easily accepted in this organization. There is a high degree of espirit de corps which results in a high degree of co-operation.
Another important fact about VGT is that it is a learning organization which is dynamic and responsive to change. It is able to respond to external and internal demands for change, acquiring necessary skills to meet new market demands and new situations. It aims to maximize the human capital through training and development. Here staff is regarded as an investment and their value increases as they become more effective in their jobs and capable of taking greater responsibilities.
VGT believes in the potential of the people as people could make the difference between success or failure, between mediocrity or excellence.

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