Following a number of years working within a government entity as well as with a prominent group of automotive importers, I joined VGT when it had started operating back in 2006. At that time I was employed as an I.T. Manager whereby I was involved in the setting up of the I.T. team as well as all the necessary I.T. infrastructure.

Throughout the years the company presented me with opportunities to get involved in other areas apart from I.T. Such opportunities enabled me to further advance my career to Senior Manager I.T. and Projects, subsequently to Assistant General Manager in charge of I.T., Shipping and Projects which is the position I presently occupy.

VGT can be considered as a small company in which one would immediately feel part of a family, members of which work together for the benefit of all parties involved.

Marcel Micallef MBA, MSc (I.T. & Management), BSc (Computing and Information Systems)
Assistant General Manager I.T., Projects & Shipping

After 30 years of experience with shipbuilding and ship repair in the Grand Harbour, I was inspired to join Valletta Gateway Terminals (VGT). I have been with VGT for more than 10 years and I derive satisfaction out of working with such a dynamic team. As the Senior Manager responsible for the engineering department, I have instilled a “Can-do” spirit and great team work to guarantee that the cargo handling equipment operates at its maximum output. I am also a European Engineer and Chartered Engineer and this helps me in the continuous modernisation of our equipment to be environmentally friendly, which reflects the company’s awareness and commitment towards the community health in the midst of cargo operations.

I am a firm believer in life-long learning and am currently pursuing my PHD in engineering. There is no limit in the quest for knowledge and I hope to inspire my younger colleagues to advance themselves continuously.

Eur. Ing Alfred Buttigieg MSc (Brunel), C.Eng. MIET.
Senior Manager Engineering

After working in the field of auditing with major audit firms, I joined Valletta Gateway Terminals Ltd, a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co, in June 2010. Being the company’s Senior Finance Manager, my primary responsibility includes the planning, implementation and managing of the finance activities of the company, reporting directly to the company’s CEO. I am responsible for the finance team, providing leadership, direction and management, and for the preparation and presentation of financial reports to the parent company.

Valletta Gateway Terminals embraces growth. It invests in its employees by encouraging continuous professional advancement while striving to improve work-life balance. The company’s financial success has been achieved by providing quality port services, and the finance team works unfalteringly to contribute to this achievement.

Miriam Zammit FCCA CPA MIA
Senior Manager Finance