Berthing Facilities

VGT can accommodate for various berthing requirements including those of privately owned vessels which occasionally visit Malta. Such vessels may not easily find the desired space due to their size and particular requirements. In order to cater for such requests, VGT has set up a special berthing service aimed at non cargo vessels.

The quays are well equipped to handle all sorts of vessels such as cruise liners, super yachts, fishing boats, tug-boats, submarines, war vessels, seismic vessels and any other marine vessel which may want to berth. Outside peak time, berthing windows are guaranteed.

Storage Facilities

VGT can offer secured storage space, both open and covered. It is also equipped with a 48 point reefer container area, a container yard and a car compound.

Total Length 1,212m
Draft Range 7.3m to 13.9m
Total Area 9.3ha
Covered storage area 8,000sqm
Reefer points 48
Container Yard
Storage Capacity 1,320 TEUs
Annual Capacity 100,000 TEUs
Car Compound
Area 10,400sqm
Capacity 1,400 cars