Welcome to Valletta Gateway Terminals (VGT), your gateway to Malta. VGT was formed in 2006 in response to a tender for cargo handling services in the Port of Valletta. Since our inception, we have always served to offer value to our customers, who in turn serve the people and communities of Malta. We are proud to play our part to connect Malta to the global economy.

At the time of writing, COVID-19 has caused major challenges globally. I hope that you are well and if you are affected, that you will bounce back from it. We took preventive measures together with the support of key stakeholders like Transport Malta and Malta Dockers Union to ensure that goods, food supplies and cargo needed in Malta could still be brought in safely. COVID-19 has shown that ports will remain as an integral node in the logistic chain and we will tap on our values and experience to make sure that we carry on serving the country.

We thrive on quality service and adaptability to cater to our customers’ needs. We serve with integrity and believe in a win-win relationship as a foundation to a long-lasting partnership. Come and talk to us and see how we can offer value to your business.

As I always say, “The answer is YES, so what’s your question?”

Derek Ong
Chief Executive Officer

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