• VGT Limited believes in the capacity to attract, develop, protect and retain the right people.
  • Two way communication between the managerial level and the staff as well as job satisfaction are given a lot of importance.
  • New employees at VGT are welcomed and appreciated as we believe that making a new employee feel part of the organization culture as soon as possible results in high employee loyalty and retention.
  • Training and development are essential in order to improve the job performance of the employees. Staff at VGT is regarded as an investment whose value increases as it becomes more effective.

Looking for a job? Want to work in the port industry within a fast growing company? Ready to take a challenge? If yes, we look forward to receiving your application. If the position you are after is not currently vacant, we still want to hear from you.

Send us a detailed curriculum vitae together with a passport sized photo and let us know what post you are looking for. As soon as we have a vacancy matching your profile, we will immediately call you for an interview.

Current Vacancies: