Smile you are on camera!

In order to ensure safety and security on our terminals, we have in operation multiple cameras which provide 24/7 coverage of all the facilities and record footage.

Security Guards

Security guards are posted 24/7 at all our gates to make sure ISPS requirements are maintained and regular patrols are done to make sure everything stays in order at all times.

Guards are instructed not to allow anyone inside the facilities unless a Permissions Request Form has been filled in and sent to

All vehicles entering our facility are subject to random searches at our own discretion. A valid identification document must be presented at the gate.

Prohibited Items

At our facilities, all local laws and regulations are adhered to and no illegal substances or materials are permitted.

Photography is not allowed anywhere on our terminals.Disobeying any instructions by our security officers will be treated as a breach of security and the necessary action will be taken.