By taking preventive measures against COVID-19, we make sure that your goods, food supplies and cargo coming through VGT are not disrupted

At VGT, we have implemented and stepped up our preventive measures to safeguard the health of our employees, partners and clients. Some measures include working from home for non-operational employees, limiting operational employees to one workplace to avoid the risk of cross-infection, working with skeleton strength where possible and implementing social distancing measures at our workplaces.

In the meantime, we have set up a COVID response team to formulate new policies based on best practices around the world, put them in action and respond immediately to any arising issues. You may reach out to the team by sending an email to to share any feedback or suggestions to help us further safeguard everyone’s health.

Please follow this link to find a list of the safety measures adopted by VGT. Note that these are constantly updated according to Health Authorities Directives.